Overseas Perspectives 
                  by Sandra Giovanna Giacomazzi

    Sandra Giovanna Giacomazzi has lived in Europe for over two decades.  Her knowledge of five languages adds many national perspectives to the insights she offers her readers in her syndicated column, Overseas Perspectives. Editors appreciate the originality of her outlook, unique to the realm of wire service copy, a blend of insider’s knowledge and outsider’s “innocence” in denoting the differences between Americans and Europeans.  Acutely aware of the important role of the United States in the international political arena, she began writing her column out of her apprehension for the fact that many of its citizens have only a superficial grasp of world issues and their relevance to all Americans.

Her new book, The Twentieth Century's Quest for Closure, is available at http://www.upublish.com/books/giacomazzi.htm.


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