Overseas Perspectives 
                  by Sandra Giovanna Giacomazzi

    Sandra Giovanna Giacomazzi has lived in Europe for over two decades.  Her knowledge of five languages adds many national perspectives to the insights she offers her readers in her syndicated column, Overseas Perspectives. Editors appreciate the originality of her outlook, unique to the realm of wire service copy, a blend of insider’s knowledge and outsider’s “innocence” in denoting the differences between Americans and Europeans.  Acutely aware of the important role of the United States in the international political arena, she began writing her column out of her apprehension for the fact that many of its citizens have only a superficial grasp of world issues and their relevance to all Americans.

Her new book, The Twentieth Century's Quest for Closure, is available at http://www.upublish.com/books/giacomazzi.htm.

What editors and readers have to say about Overseas Perspectives

Overseas Perspectives gives readers insights on international news not usually found within the realm of wire service copy... Ms. Giacomazzi has not lost her "innocent abroad" perspective, which gives her a real eye for the differences between Americans and Europeans, as well as the points in which Americans would be particularly interested. Ted Kircher, Naples Daily News

Giovanna Giacomazzi provides good quality copy, consistently providing well thought out analysis...an international column that is interesting, provocative, and informative.   Scott Martell, Executive editor, Sanibel Newspaper Group

Giovanna has a real talent for de-mystifying and explaining to readers what's happening "overseas," and why it matters.  She writes intelligently and entertainingly...a reliably interesting voice on European politics and culture.  Jimmy Espy, Executive Editor, North Georgia Newspaper Group

My compliments to you and your newspaper for Ms. Giacomazzi's column, Overseas Perspectives. It is a pity that more American newspapers don't take the opportunity to better inform readers on matters that go beyond the confines of our borders.  Ray Sarlo, Fort Myers, FL 
Ms. Giacomazzi demonstrates courage and true journalistic professionalism in going beyond the clichés of commonplace prejudices to look at issues from a controversial perspective.  Lucio Chiesa, Rivoli, Italy A fascinating view of Italy from a knowledgeable commentator...the controversial elements only pique my interest for more on the subject. Dr. Chris Whann, Saratoga Springs, NY
Your paper sets a very high standard indeed with Ms. Giacomazzi's provocative insights into world events. Gale Bennett, Sanibel, FL 
In her column, Overseas Perspectives, Ms. Giacomazzi offers the possibility of reflection beyond stereotypical schemes and monoliths.  Joseph Capilli, Turin Italy
Ms. Giacomazzi's column expresses a balanced and reasonable point of view... writing articles with substance that provide food for thought.  Jack Allen, Brookline, NH 
In an age of self censorship born of the  fear of breaching the rules of political correctness, it is truly refreshing to read someone who has the courage to speak her mind and tell things as she sees them.  Cornel Reinhart, Saratoga Springs, NY. 
As a subscriber to the Manchester (England) Guardian Weekly, I am perhaps a little more exposed to European opinion and perspective than the average America.  What Ms. Giacomazzi's column offers, however, is an interesting view from afar of someone raised in this country. Tony Bon, Maples Falls, WA

Giovanna Giacomazzi is an observant and strong-minded critic of contemporary culture...  Dr. Kenneth Klotz, Saratoga Springs, NY

Ms. Giacomazzi offers a different perspective on world events.  She has her finger on the pulse of European views of American and world issues. She appears liberal on some issues and conservative on others, demonstrating a sense of balance and independent thinking rather than standard stereotypical reasoning.  Lucie Macherowski, Fort Myers, FL 
She has a distinctive voice that echoes through her work. Whether agreeing or disagreeing with her opinions, the reader is engaged by the strong point of view that is represented. Dr. Larry Ries, Saratoga Springs, NY. 
Ms. Giacomazzi's analyses are much more in-depth than the usual vignette-like coverage of many commentators.  Roger Nicholson, Greenville, NC

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